About Us

ONTAD, with the support of experience for about three decades, has developed a reputation for well- integrated innovative and undisputable quality. Beside its comprehensive products, ONTAD also merchandises customer brands with an increasing trend of quality standards over the years. ONTAD is capable of manufacturing its products with its own brands as well as private label demanded by customers. Depending on customer needs, different taste and packing which make the company out of standards to supply every demand of clients are always provided. In this sense, ONTAD is always solution oriented with flexibility offered on product and packaging types.

Here, we know that responsibility of a product does not end when it is sold to the customer. On the contrary, ONTAD continuously improves trust of its partners by motto of ‘’Product is ours until it is finished on the shelves.’’

As a strong family with all employees and clients, ONTAD is waiting you to be a member of this group.

Our Vision;

In order to raise healthy generations, to become and remain as a conscious company that never forgets its motto of ‘’Product is ours until it’s finished on the shelves.’’

Why Ontad;

Because ONTAD;
..produces quality products.
Human is the most valuable thing in the world for ONTAD. So, from work place conditions to preparing the products, every single step is to produce healthier products for human consumption.
..always stands behind its products.
Because ONTAD;
..is always innovative.
..enlightens its sector with R&D projects.
..is respectful to the nature.
Because ONTAD has always been and will always be a fair and honest company.
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